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Newsday: Democratizing AI, Intelligent Apps, and Ransomware with Drex DeFord

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike joins Bill for the news. A thoughtful consideration surfaces around democratized AI and the implications on efficiency and privacy. What does the rise of machine customers mean for future economic activities? How will this explosion of AI affect cyber threats and security management? Furthermore, we cover intriguing topics around Patch Tuesday, AI's impact on development and intelligent applications, and the concept of continuous threat exposure management. As we delve into this episode with DeFord, we invite listeners to grapple with these complex topics at the intersection of healthcare, cyber security and AI.

Key Points:
- AIs Role Rise
- Democratized AI
- AI Trust, Risk, and Security
- AI-Augmented Development
- Intelligent Applications
- Continuous Threat Exposure
- CrowdStrike -

News articles:
- Microsoft announces new AI tools to help doctors deliver better care
- Could Middle Eastern Cyberwarfare Spill Into Health Sector?
- National Hospital Flash Report: August 2023

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