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Newsday: Data Management and Unseen Bias with Priscilla Sandberg

Priscilla Sandberg, Senior Healthcare Strategic Alliances Manager from Pure Storage, joins Bill for the news. The conversation brings to light topics such as data management protection and women facing more expensive healthcare. What role does AI play in healthcare, and how is marketing distinct from other industries, especially in terms of payer markets? how should companies manage data security in an era where even cloud data is vulnerable to breaches. Furthermore, they delve into gender disparities in healthcare, particularly women’s healthcare benefits. Is the healthcare industry equipped to tackle such biases and what steps need to be implemented for a comprehensive approach towards gender-neutral healthcare benefits? Engage in this discussion that pushes healthcare professionals to consider other perspectives and search for data solutions.

Key Points:
Pure Storage -
Responsible Data Management
Healthcare Security
Protecting Patients and Reputations
Women's Healthcare
Gender Biases

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