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Newsday: Cybersecurity in the Next Year: ChatGPT, Ransomware, and Migrating Data

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at Crowdstrike and David Ting, CTO and Founder of Tausight join Bill for the news.How has the nature of cyber threats evolved to include identity threat protection and why is this becoming increasingly important for organizations? What steps can organizations take to ensure that they are doing enough to protect their sensitive data and critical systems from cyber threats? How can they strike a balance between investing in robust security measures and maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of their operations? How can emerging technologies such as AI and ML be leveraged to enhance cybersecurity measures and better detect and respond to threats? What are some of the challenges associated with adopting these technologies, and how can they be addressed to maximize their impact on security outcomes?

Key Points:
- Breach of the medical records of Congressional members
- Identity theft, Identity protection, and Incident response
- Incidents of hacking using legitimate credentials
- Migrating data to Epic in Azure
- Building and monitoring web APIs for cloud applications
- Crowdstrike -
- Tausight -

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