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Mark Dobbs, Global Healthcare Alliances at Pure Storage joins Bill for the news.How has the adoption of cloud technology affected the healthcare industry? What are the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with cloud-based healthcare systems? How can healthcare organizations balance the need for data access and security in a cloud environment? How can healthcare organizations ensure effective disaster recovery and business continuity in a cloud-based infrastructure? What are the cost implications of moving healthcare data to the cloud, and how can organizations manage these costs? How can healthcare organizations maintain control over their data when relying on a single cloud vendor? What challenges do healthcare organizations face when renegotiating or renewing digital health contracts?

Key Points:
- Cloud adoption in healthcare
- Balancing data access and security
- Disaster recovery and business continuity
- Cost implications of cloud adoption
- Challenges of renegotiating digital health contracts
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News articles:
- How Technology Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare
- Epic, Cerner 2048: What will EHRs look like in 25 years?
- CISA, FBI warn health systems and others of Clop MFT ransomware tactics
- AWS adds FHIR capabilities to help with ONC and CMS compliance

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