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Newsday - Conference Topics, Overrated Tech and Microsofts Support in Ukraine with Patty Hayward

Patty Hayward, Vice President, Strategy Healthcare and Life Sciences at Talkdesk joins Bill for the news. The war in Ukraine is stress-testing the need for public-private partnerships to combat cyberattacks. Last Wednesday, alarms went off inside Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center, warning of “wiper” malware. They notified Ukraine’s top cyberdefense authority and within three hours had blocked the code. According to a new study from CVS Health, 77% of people said the pandemic led them to pay more attention to their health overall. Amazon Care is expanding in-person healthcare services to more than 20 new cities in 2022. What will the hot topics be at HIMSS and ViVE this year? What are the overrated technologies that hospitals should skip?

Key Points:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:08:05 - Cloud has proven itself to be a great place to house your assets
00:22:30 - How can we make telehealth a better consumer experience?
00:24:00 - Healthcare delivery should be proactive versus reactive

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