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Newsday: ChatGPT's Alignment, Functionality and Future

Sarma Velamuri, CEO at Luminare joins Bill for the news. How does Luminaire's software help hospitals identify patients with sepsis more quickly and effectively? What are the current limitations of AI and why is it important to not rely solely on AI for patient care? How is the problem of incorporating human feedback into AI models affecting hospitals' ability to find solutions that work for their specific populations? What are the concerns around the use of large language models like GPT-4 in healthcare, particularly with regards to the lack of transparency in their decision-making process? How can healthcare professionals leverage AI as a tool while ensuring that it remains their servant and not their master?

Key Points:
- Sepsis in hospitals
- Predictive and reactive data analysis
- Deterministic AI and AGI (artificial general intelligence)
- Alignment of AI with human values
- Large language models
- Reinforced learning and human feedback in AI
- Luminare -

News articles:
- Jonathan Balaban on LinkedIn: Is the Chat GPT honeymoon over?
- ChatGPT is impressive, but it may slow the emergence of AGI
- Generative A.I. and the New Medical Generalist

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