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Newsday: ChatGPT, Telehealth, and Financial Burdens: Is it Here to Stay?

Geoff Blanding, EVP at Optimum Healthcare IT joins Bill for the news. What are the potential benefits and challenges of implementing a privacy-focused version of ChatGPT in healthcare settings? How can Microsoft's partnerships with Epic Systems and EHR vendors impact the integration of AI in healthcare? How will the closure of rural hospitals and the expected wave of hospital bankruptcies affect the healthcare landscape? How can the data and insights gathered from telehealth experiments be leveraged to drive efficiencies in healthcare reimbursements? What factors determine the nature of the impact of AI on healthcare, including both positive and negative effects? How can clinicians be convinced to accept general AI in healthcare, considering the potential risks and integration challenges? What steps can a CIO of a health system take to address the use of AI tools like ChatGPT and ensure they are used safely and effectively?

Key Points:
- Health system consolidation
- Use cases of ChatGPT
- Microsoft's expansion in the healthcare market
- Public health policies
- Telehealth experiments and data analysis
- Financial challenges in Healthcare
- Mental health statistics
- Optimum Healthcare IT -

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