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Newsday: Change Healthcare Hearing & Epic v. Particle with Drex DeFord & Bill Russell

Drex DeFord, President, 229 Cyber/Risk at This Week Health joins Bill for the news. Considering the prevalence of cybersecurity incidents, what should be the balance between technological advancement and ethical responsibility in healthcare data management? How can the healthcare sector evolve to ensure that breaches like the one at Change Healthcare don't just become an accepted part of the digital landscape? What are the implications of healthcare providers relying heavily on third parties for data management, and how does this influence patient security? As legislation and technology evolve, what should be the role of Congress in understanding and legislating on complex tech issues like cybersecurity in healthcare? What does the future hold for patient-centric healthcare information systems, and how might this change the dynamics of data ownership and privacy? How can the healthcare industry better prepare for the inevitable challenges of future pandemics and cybersecurity threats?

Key Points:
- Healthcare monopoly impacts
- Cybersecurity in healthcare
- Legislative tech comprehension

News articles:
- Epic v. Particle
- Rachael England, MPH on LinkedIn: Review of Change Cyber testimony on Capital Hill

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