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Newsday - Automation to Alleviate Workforce Shortage Strain in Healthcare with Joshua Reischer

Joshua Reischer, MD, CEO and Founder of Health Note joins Bill for the news today. Hospital CEOs had a lot to be concerned about last year, but workforce shortages ranked Number 1 on their list. The pandemic-driven turmoil is spurring many nurses, physicians and other staff to leave their roles when hospitals need them most. Healthcare legislators and leaders are exploring ways to revitalize the nation's workforce. Advances in robotics, AI and machine learning have already changed healthcare but McKinsey reports that almost half of the activities people are paid to do have the potential to be automated. Does this mean a transformation of the workplace is well on its way?

Key Points:
I loved seeing patients, but I spent most of my time collecting, organizing and documenting data. I wanted a better way to collect all the relevant information I needed before they would show up.
We are seeing significant wage inflation at the hospital level. What can the government do about it?
Almost half of the activities people are paid to do, $16 trillion in wages in a global economy, have the potential to be automated


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