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Newsday: AT&T Breach, Segmentation, and AI As a Game-Changer With Wes Wright

Wes Wright, Chief Healthcare Officer at Ordr, joins Bill and Drex for the news. How has Ordr spearheaded innovations in network security within the healthcare sector? What challenges have they faced in securing complex healthcare networks, and how have these been addressed? Is segmentation the solution to these major cybersecurity breaches? Furthermore, they explore the broader implications of their security solutions on patient data protection and hospital operations. This episode not only highlights Ordr's strategic initiatives but also fosters a broader discussion on the critical role of cybersecurity in modern healthcare.

Key Points:
- Challenges in Healthcare Cybersecurity
- Protecting Patient Data
- Impact on Hospital Operations
- Ordr -

News articles:
- It’s Time to Hand Cybersecurity Over to the Computers
- AT&T says personal data from 73 million current and former account holders leaked onto dark web | CNN Business
- OpenAI and Microsoft reportedly planning $100 billion datacenter project for an AI supercomputer

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