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Newsday: Andrea Thomaz on Transforming Healthcare and Decreasing Clinician Workload with Robotics

Andrea Thomaz, CEO and co-founder for Diligent Robotics, joins Bill for the news. They dive deep into the transformative world of robotics and AI, with a specific focus on their impacts on healthcare. This episode raises some thought-provoking questions about the future. How are hospitals using robotics like the transport robot Moxi to alleviate workforce shortages and improve efficiency? What is the role of AI in these developments, and how are the fields of robotics and AI merging? They also discuss the financial realities and cost savings opportunities that robotics and AI bring to healthcare. Ultimately, what do such advances mean for the healthcare industry?

Key Points:
- Diligent Robotics:
- Robotic Technologies
- AI Developments
- Workforce Shortages
- Healthcare Efficiency
- Cost Savings

News articles:
- Kaufman Hall: Workforce Issues Remain Key Challenges for Hospital Performance -,of%20Healthcare%20Performance%20Improvement%20report.
- 2023 Healthcare Provider IT Report: Doubling Down on Innovation -
- 4 Ways Investors Think the Health Tech World Will Change in 2024 -

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