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Newsday: AI & The Job Landscape, ChatGPT's Role, and The Future of RPM with Bob Klein

Bob Klein, CEO at Digital Scientists joins Bill for the news. Key areas of exploration sprawl across Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, implications of job changes due to AI, ChatGPT's role in providing specialized knowledge, and the future of Remote Patient Monitoring. Will AI be the catalyst that changes jobs or will it rather mean new kinds of jobs are emerging? How do we reconcile the perceived threat of job reduction with the potential for job creation? Can 'knowledgable' AI platforms like ChatGPT transform our interactions with data and our understanding of its practicality? What role does AI play in interpreting complex healthcare data and does it serve to democratize rather than isolate the healthcare landscape? By deeply considering the consequences and rewards embedded in AI and RPM's growth, we could be at the brink of a transformative era within the healthcare realm.

Key Points:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Job Reduction Fear
- Data Analysis Challenge
- Remote Patient Monitoring
- Digital Scientists -

News articles:
- Stanford Health uses AI to reduce clinical deterioration events,as%20an%20AI%2Dintegrated%20system.
- Best Buy Health & Mass General Brigham Strike Landmark Partnership To Expand Healthcare At Home
- Global Edition Workforce Improving rural access to radiology services,at%20the%20RSNA%20annual%20meeting.

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