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Newsday: AI Regulations and the Need for Cybersecurity with David Ting

David Ting, CTO and Founder of Tausight, joins Bill for the news. How does the EU AI Act aim to restrict and regulate AI use, and what are your thoughts on its limitations? Should AI models be required to disclose every piece of copyrighted material used to train them, and what are the implications of such a requirement? Can AI models unlearn biases and adjust their weighting based on different sources of knowledge? Is the fear surrounding AI similar to past technological advancements, such as nuclear energy or computers, and should regulations be driven by a fear of the unknown or by embracing the potential benefits? What are the potential consequences of stifling AI development and imposing excessive restrictions on its use? How can AI be effectively leveraged in the healthcare industry, and what are the implications for improving operational efficiency, disease management, and patient engagement?

Key Points:
- EU AI Act
- Paranoia and misconceptions about AI
- Control and regulations on AI use
- Statistical nature of AI and its limitations
- Ransomware Attacks
- Holistic Care
- Healthcare industry and AI applications
- Tausight -

News articles:
- Why AI Will Save the World | Andreessen Horowitz
- Health systems' top 10 AI priorities for the next 2 years
- AI Act: a step closer to the first rules on Artificial Intelligence | News | European Parliament
- An Illinois hospital links closure to ransomware attack

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