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Newsday: AI Post Executive Order: Changes and Innovations with Drex DeFord and Robbie Hughes

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike is joined by Robbie Hughes, CEO at Lumeon, for the news. They explore the impact of AI on healthcare, focusing on the Biden Administration's executive order. They discuss the challenges and potential of AI in healthcare, particularly in workflow automation and patient care prioritization. How will AI shape healthcare delivery while ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency? The episode also touches on the role of generative AI, like ChatGPT, in healthcare settings. What are the ethical and practical considerations of its use in a clinical environment?

News Articles:
- Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence

Key Points:
- Lumeon:
- CrowdStrike:
- AI Executive Order
- Healthcare Workflow Automation
- Generative AI Applications
- AI: Expectations vs Reality
- Information Security

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