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Newsday: AI, EMR and Clinician Burnout: Dr. Kevin McNamara on Optimizing Healthcare Through AI

Dr. Kevin McNamara, Director of Provider Experience at Optimum HIT joins Bill for the news. They explore several critical topics shaping the healthcare landscape. Can technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, ease the escalating issue of clinician burnout? How might electronic medical records become more efficient and less of an administrative burden for medical professionals? Furthermore, could the application of AI relieve the damaging pressure faced by care providers facing a relentless surge of digital information? As the healthcare landscape continues to change rapidly, how will these changes impact patient care?

Key Points:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Clinician Burnout
- Electronic Medical Records
- Optimum Healthcare IT -

News articles:
- Stanford Health uses AI to reduce clinical deterioration events,as%20an%20AI%2Dintegrated%20system.
- How Can AI Help Reduce the Costs of Healthcare?
- How healthcare is tackling clinician burnout

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