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August 21, 2023: Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense joins Bill for the news. They delve into the transformative impact of data and AI on healthcare operations. With the evolution from sick care to actual healthcare, how are large language models revolutionizing the way information is presented and analyzed? As we transition to data-driven hospitals, is AI truly the panacea to streamline the mess of digitized data? The advent of 5G promises bandwidth and security enhancements, but what role does it play in healthcare, particularly in bridging hospital and home care? Join us as we explore these pressing questions and more, emphasizing the pivotal changes technology can bring about in the healthcare industry.

Key Points:
- Hospital Safety
- Data-Driven Healthcare
- AI Revolutionizing Healthcare
- 5G in Hospitals
- Clearsense -

News articles:
- Violence Against Healthcare Workers Is Rising: Here’s How We Can Protect Them
- Creation and Adoption of Large Language Models in Medicine
- The Data-Driven Hospital and the Inevitability of AI

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