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Newsday: Adventuring into the Future of RPM and Respiratory Health Innovations with Adrian Ang

Adrian Ang, CEO and Co-founder at Aevice Health joins Bill for the news. Adrian opens up about his personal struggle with asthma, which led to the founding of Aevice Health in 2018. He shares insights on their innovative smart wearable stethoscope designed to help patients with asthma or Chronic Obstructive Phenomenal Disease (COPD) manage their conditions at home. This engaging conversation pivots to the efficacy of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in solving many patient and provider problems in rural healthcare. Could these RPM solutions provide an avenue for continuous monitoring, effective disease management, cost efficiency, and accessibility? Or are they creating another barrier with potential hidden costs, particularly for smaller hospitals and clinics? As we navigate the digital health landscape, we also touch on the controversial topic of hospitals charging electronic systems and the pros and cons of these fees. Is this a necessary evil to streamline administrative tasks and reinforce prompt care or does it cripple patient access?

Key Points:
- Remote Patient Monitoring
- Cost Efficiency
- Healthcare Accessibility
- Electronic Reimbursement Charges
- Aevice Health -

News articles:
How RPM can solve many patient and provider problems in rural areas
'It's ridiculous': Why hospitals pay millions to get paid electronically
Which big health systems do — and don't — bill for MyChart messages

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