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Newsday - A Package from Amazon Pharmacy! Is this a Dream or Nightmare in Healthcare?

Charles Boicey from Clearsense joins Bill for the news. We hear almost daily about flashy new ventures just like Amazon’s recent purchase of One Medical that promise transformative improvements in healthcare. But will Amazon’s foray into primary care be easy? Meta faces yet another lawsuit alleging that its Pixel tracking tool harvests patients’ private medical data and shares the information with Facebook. Why do they continue to violate state and federal laws? Sharp HealthCare and Sanford Health have joined with Dandelion Health on a project meant to build diversity into data science. And is the relative lack of competition in the EHR market good or bad for interoperability?

Key Points:
Instead of artificial intelligence, it's intelligent assist
Interoperability is a business problem, not a technical problem
It’s going to be interesting to watch the continuation of machine learning and AI, as it's applied to healthcare

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