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Newsday: 5 Takeaways from HLTH22, Amazon’s Virtual Doctor Marketplace and Epic's Continued Dominance

Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint joins Bill for the news. What were the 5 key takeaways from HLTH22? Do economic troubles loom large? Is Epic's dominance good or bad for healthcare? Amazon has launched a message-based virtual health service called Amazon Clinic. Senator Mark Warner, co-founder of the Senate Cybersecurity Caucus, released a policy document “Cybersecurity is Patient Safety, Policy Options in the Health Care Sector”. Could he be the patron saint of cybersecurity on The Hill?

Key Points:
HLTH22 takeaway: Digital health has seen a significant contraction
One of the most important developments in healthcare cybersecurity is this common acceptance that there's a direct connection between cyber events and patient safety

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