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Newsday: 25% of Clinicians Want Out of Healthcare Where will They Go?

Dr Colin Banas, Chief Medical Officer for DrFirst joins Bill for the news. 25% of clinicians want out of healthcare according to a Bain survey. 89 percent cite burnout as the main driver. CommonSpirit are still working to restore EHR systems after their ransomware attack. The attack affects several states, with loss of access to medical records. The scale of the breach is still under investigation. Instacart has launched Instacart Health, which will work to make nutritious food more accessible and address social determinants of health. The hospital needs to evolve. The hospital industrial complex focused on fee-for-service growth and market power will decline as margins shrink and local mergers are killed by antitrust review.

Key Points:
60% of physicians, nurses and providers say their teams are not adequately staffed
Is the mass exodus of doctors in large health systems more of a commentary on the bureaucracy and friction of practicing in those kinds of environments?
63% of clinicians say they feel worn out at the end of a workday
Business continuity is such a huge aspect of healthcare, but it takes time and planning

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