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Newsday: 2024 Healthcare IT Predictions with Charles Boicey

Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense, Joins Bill for the news, discussing their predictions around healthcare IT in 2024. They delve into the significant impact of AI and machine learning, particularly in enhancing personalized and preventative medicine. How will AI's advancements integrate into daily healthcare practices, and what does this mean for patient care and data management? They also explore the challenges of healthcare staffing and the role of technology in alleviating these issues. Can technology provide a sustainable solution to the staffing crisis in healthcare? The discussion further touches upon the importance of data integration and the potential of home-based healthcare delivery. As we stand on the brink of transformative changes in healthcare, how will these technological advancements redefine the roles of healthcare professionals and the nature of patient care?

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Key Points:
- Clearsense -
- Staffing Shortages
- AI Efficiency
- Improvement vs Innovation
- Home Based Care
- Personalized Medicine

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