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Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike joins Bill for the news. 2022 is the most financially difficult year for hospitals. A Kaufman, Hall & Associates analysis indicates hospitals and health systems continue to face intense pressure on staff and resources while also dealing with rising expenses for supplies, drugs, equipment and the workforce. Ohio hospital is laying off 978 employees. Ascension reported a $1.8B annual loss. What Is Social Engineering? We take a look into the sophisticated world of psychological cyber crime. How are health systems dealing with supply chain issues? What is going on in the non scaled startup space?

Key Points:
Contracts are always a big line item. Not just in IT but everywhere across the organization
Don't be the Chief of Technical Debt
Looking at contracts is Cybersecurity 101. Contracts 101. You can't do something if you don't know what you have.
Make sure you have a plan to replace infrastructure on a regular basis and flatten out that line out as much as you can

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