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Newsda: Epic's Partnerships, ChatGPT 4, and Healthcare's Changing Landscape with Cameron Lewellen

Cameron Lewellen, Director of Healthcare ISVs & Alliance Partners at VMware joins Bill for the news. What recent partnerships has Suki Voice Assistant made in the healthcare industry, particularly with Epic's EHR? What are the challenges and barriers to implementing generative AI in healthcare applications? How does the integration of Chat GPT and generative AI benefit healthcare organizations and patients? What are the potential implications of Chat GPT's new features, such as plugins and web browsing capabilities? How can healthcare CIOs prepare their IT organizations for the adoption of generative AI? What role do prompt engineering and effective questioning play in utilizing generative AI effectively in healthcare?

Key Points:
- Suki Voice Assistant
- Epic's partnerships
- Plugins and web browsing in Chat GPT
- Generative AI adoption
- Prompt engineering
- VMware -

News articles:
- 16 Healthcare Companies That Already Integrated ChatGPT: Infographic

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