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Modern Digital Infrastructure: What is the Digital Foundation for your Health System?

When the pandemic hit, all of a sudden we had to decentralize the way we were doing healthcare, but the foundation wasn't there. The nature of work changed dramatically. We are now in a world where delivery of care is primarily through digital means. How do we create and maintain a modern healthcare digital foundation with people and processes at the core? Just as the mandate has evolved over time from the basic Hippocratic Oath to the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, so too has the interaction that evolves around that foundation. The foundation has got to be able to support the core. How do you manage these systems? How do you keep them updated? How do you reduce the complexity of connectivity? How do you find the vulnerabilities? How do you create multi-tenancy access, so that doctors and nurses can perform different functions? The way VMware looks at modern healthcare is to ensure that you are evolving to support the people in the processes. The benefits of health systems partnering to enable a modern digital foundation is monumental.

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