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Modern Digital Infrastructure: How can Modern Applications Impact Your System and Provide Agility?

Healthcare is starting to get its act together in regards to healthcare applications. We see more and more health systems trying to develop that muscle of application development. Why is this happening? What is driving this change? In the past, everybody remembers the ‘going to be down for maintenance’ notification, right? Well now we have more modular versions, where you're able to take out and update different portions. This means that now, more than ever, the digital front door could not be more important. After the pandemic, health systems needed to rewrite their digital front door and in the process of doing that, they recognized that they needed to supply the framework. And then as partners came in and worked within the framework, because they set up that digital front door, they were able to work with additional applications as they moved forward, because the architecture was correct. Not only to stay relevant but to provide a version of value based care that’s evolving to where the application itself is more suited to the patient base. Architecture that provides not only agility but also a layer of security, in terms of the framework.

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