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Modern Digital Infrastructure: Accelerating Efficiency of End User Computing for Frontline Staff

There are huge new developments in end user computing. How has our approach changed over the last five years? The pandemic uncovered a need for flexibility. We simply cannot have suboptimal experiences. How can we reduce the operational complexity? How do we break down our security needs? What happened when we sent clinicians to their home early on in the pandemic? What did that look like? How were we able to create a remote experience that mirrored in-person? What tools and systems were put in place for accessing the EHR? How did we ensure a good experience when they moved to essentially a new location of care? How does VMware differentiate in this updated environment? The evolution of healthcare is tied to the level of care. If a separate environment is really what's optimal for the patient, then we have to find a way to support that. It’s what you call a surround strategy. There are displacement strategies but what's more important to VMware is, instead of just burning your business, they make sure that they’re enhancing that experience and that outcome.

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