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Lessons in Health IT from Dr. David Feinberg's 25 years in Healthcare

Here to talk about healthcare through the lens of his technology career is David Feinberg, President & CEO of Cerner and formerly at Geisinger and Google. Owner of the famous quote “We look to eliminate the waiting room and everything it represents.” How can technology, with its unique position in healthcare, address the challenges faced on an everyday basis? What further obstacles remain? How do we overcome the inertia of healthcare? Is Geisinger's 'money-back guarantee' paying off? How do we fund programs that will make American’s live healthier lifestyles? How can we change the EHR to make the experience more effective for everyone involved?

Key Points:
Around 15% of the 20 billion Google searches per day are health related
At Cerner, I have this amazing opportunity to see how healthcare is delivered around the world
The fundamental problem with healthcare is that the system is built around providers as opposed to around consumers


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