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Keynote: Welcoming Our New Executives In Residence

What does it look like to be a woman in leadership with our Executives in Residence Sue Schade (Principal at StarBridge Advisors) and Sarah Richardson (SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Tivity Health). How have the demands on leaders changed during the pandemic? How have female leaders had to develop and exercise specific skills during this period? What unique challenges does a CIO in healthcare face compared to other industries? How does technology support the shift towards treating patients as consumers in the healthcare industry? How can organizations create policies and provide flexibility to support women in balancing their careers and personal lives? What steps can leaders take to address gender disparities and promote diversity and inclusion in male-dominated industries? How can women overcome imposter syndrome and gain confidence in their abilities as leaders?

Key Points:
- Women in Leadership
- Giving back
- Mentorship
- Strategic CIO role
- Changing leadership role
- Remote and hybrid work options

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