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Keynote: Virtual ICUs, Wellness Sprints, and The AI Revolution in Medicine with Bridget Barnes

Alongside Bridget Barnes, SVP and CIO for Oregon Health & Science University, we delve deep into the transformative role of technology in the healthcare sector. How is the digital age reshaping the responsibilities of clinicians and providing support in an era marked by staff constraints and burnout? With innovations like virtual ICUs and wellness sprints, where does the future of healthcare lie, especially when AI and ML seem poised to revolutionize our systems? But as technology advances, does the old adage "Nothing can screw things up quite like a computer can over time" still hold weight? And as AI becomes more integrated, how do we discern the genuine potential from the overstated promises?

Key Points:
- AI's Role Healthcare
- Clinician Burnout Causes
- Technological Support Initiatives
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As healthcare technology professionals, we're in a seismic shift. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword—it's transforming our field and altering how we deliver healthcare. But with these technological advancements come complex challenges and unique opportunities. Are you ready to navigate this new landscape? Join us, September 7th, 1pm ET for an unmissable journey into the future of healthcare. Register Here -

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