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Keynote: UPMC's Vision, AI's Role, and The Future Hybrid Workspace with Edward McCallister

Edward McCallister, Senior VP & CIO for UPMC, joins Bill for a discussion exploring the pace at which technological advancements, such as AI, have impacted healthcare. Reflecting on the landmark shift of 2011's "meaningful use", we ponder how AI will shape the future trajectory of healthcare. How does the "carrot and stick" approach of the past relate to current advancements, especially when AI promises so much yet requires caution? What role does data management play in safeguarding sensitive information amid third-party breaches? Join us as they also discuss UPMC's innovative strategies, the role of AI and machine learning in patient care, and the challenges and promises they bring. Moreover, can the marriage of speed and accuracy between humans and computers create the ultimate healthcare synergy? Finally, as the hybrid work model reshapes the professional landscape post-pandemic, how are companies adapting to deliver value while ensuring employee well-being?

Key Points:
- AI in Healthcare
- Data Management Concerns
- UPMC's Strategies
- Machine Learning Advances
- Hybrid Work Model
- UPMC -

As healthcare technology professionals, we're in a seismic shift. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword—it's transforming our field and altering how we deliver healthcare. But with these technological advancements come complex challenges and unique opportunities. Are you ready to navigate this new landscape? Join us, September 7th, 1pm ET for an unmissable journey into the future of healthcare. Register Here -

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