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Keynote: Unpacking the Practical Impacts of Generative AI on Clinician Workflow with CT Lin

In this episode, Dr. CT Lin, CMIO of UC Health, engages in a thought-provoking discussion about the integration of generative AI in healthcare workflows, sharing insights from his conversations with industry experts. He explores the nuances of clinicians' perceptions of AI-generated notes, the potential impact on patient care, and the delicate balance between automation and human expertise. CT delves into the challenges of customization, the importance of teamwork in optimizing EHR usage, and strategies for mitigating clinician burnout. As the conversation unfolds, listeners are prompted to consider the evolving role of technology in healthcare and its implications for clinician well-being and patient outcomes. How can AI enhance efficiency without compromising quality? What strategies can healthcare organizations implement to foster effective collaboration and innovation? And how can clinicians navigate the complexities of automation while preserving their expertise and autonomy?

Key Points:
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- AI Voice
- AI Acceptance
- Patient Transparency
- Clinician Burnout

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