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Keynote: UNC's AI and Governance Priorities, Rural Access, & Digital Transformation with Brent Lamm

From Data and AI Governance to Population Health, Brent Lamm, CIO for UNC Health shares their trajectory for 2023. How has UNC Health prioritized succession planning and continuity in leadership? What challenges does UNC Health face in terms of access to healthcare services in North Carolina?How does UNC Health address the issues of affordability in the healthcare industry? What are the key priorities for UNC Health, particularly in terms of provider and teammate burnout? How does UNC Health ensure access to care for individuals living in remote locations, such as rural areas? What strategies and partnerships does UNC Health utilize to educate and connect patients with their clinicians? How did UNC Health navigate the operational challenges of implementing on-demand virtual care and integrating it into their existing systems?

Key Points:
- Urban and rural
- Top priorities
- Remote access
- Brand recognition
- Partnerships
- Digital tools
- Operational challenges
- Data and analytics
- UNC Health -

"The Patient Experience - A Technology Perspective" is a live webinar that explores the intersection of healthcare and technology, focusing on enhancing the patient experience. As healthcare systems prioritize patient-centered care, leveraging technology becomes crucial. Join us on July 6th, 1:00 PM ET and join the discussion! Register Here -

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