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Keynote: Transforming Healthcare Through WayFinding AI Technology with Glen Tullman

Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, explores the paradigm shift in healthcare through innovative uses of AI and human interaction. How does the introduction of Transcarent’s new AI product WayFinding redefine patient navigation and care delivery? Can this technology-driven approach significantly lower healthcare costs while improving the quality of service? As they delve into the impact of generative AI on privacy and the seamless integration of diverse healthcare services, the discussion prompts listeners to consider whether the healthcare industry is ready for such a transformation. This conversation not only highlights the potential of AI in healthcare but also questions its implications on the traditional healthcare models.

Key Points:
- Transcarent -
- Glen Tullman -
- WayFinding: AI Technology
- Bold Innovation
- Patient Experience
- Clinician Workload
- Healthcare Finance

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