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Keynote: The Future of Healthcare Data Surges, Virtual Nurses, and Aligned Missions With Doug King

In this episode, Doug King, Senior VP & CIO at Northwestern Medicine, delves into the transformative role of technology in healthcare. As healthcare systems increasingly integrate cutting-edge technology, how will clinicians adapt? Can AI truly be a reliable "team member" in patient care? As the borders between clinical and consumer data blur, what ethical considerations should be taken into account? Doug argues that the influx of data, while invaluable, also presents the challenge of discerning "signal" from "noise." How should healthcare institutions prepare for this exponential increase in data, and what strategies can help in filtering valuable information? Lastly, when it comes to forming valuable partnerships with vendors, Doug emphasizes the importance of shared mission and culture. Listen in to explore these questions and more.

Key Points:
- Ethical Considerations in AI & data
- Data-driven decisions
- Digital nurses
- Patient digital experience
- Valuable vendor partnerships

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