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Keynote: The Future of Healthcare at Home: Drones, Robots, and More

CIO and SVP of MultiCare Health System, Bradd Busick, shares how they have worked to breach the gap between the healthcare industry and other retail industries by maximizing the usage of technology and working to provide care to the broader and more rural community. How can we work towards providing care and access to those in rural areas with limited access to technology? How can we create a cohesive experience for patients? From Moxi to drones, is technology the primary lane to combatting the staffing shortage and maximizing access to care?

Key Points:
- Understanding the core of healthcare offers opportunities to optimize
- MultiCare’s Covered Lives Program
- Moxi delivered 3,500 things in 30 days, traveling 605 miles
- Using drones in healthcare to aid in telehealth and access
- MultiCare Health System -

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