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Keynote: The Future of Care Spaces: Emerging Technologies

Fred Holston (Healthcare Strategist for CDW) and Todd Larson (Consultant for HonorHealth) join Bill in talking about the Future of Care Spaces. How can clinical command centers leverage technology and remote nursing to streamline patient transport, reduce wait times, and improve overall operational efficiency? What role does governance play in driving healthcare innovation, and how can diverse perspectives from clinicians, support staff, and operational leaders contribute to successful project selection and implementation? What are the key considerations for healthcare organizations when adopting real-time location services and GPS-based technologies to improve patient transport and resource management? What role does data analytics play in a clinical command center, and how can it be leveraged to drive proactive and efficient patient care decisions? How can standardized platforms in healthcare help break down data silos, optimize processes, and enhance patient care across various care spaces and scenarios?

Key Points:
- Caregiver Efficiency
- Clinical Command Center
- Real-Time Location Services
- Data Analytics
- Network Infrastructure for Future Healthcare
- Cost Savings with Advanced Technologies
- Standardized Platforms
- Streamlining Supply Chain
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