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Keynote: The Future of Care Spaces: Emerging Technologies

Join CIOs Michael Pfeffer (Stanford Health Care), Chris Longhurst (UC San Diego Health), and Brent Lamm (UNC Health) in this webinar re-lease talking all things AI. In an era where technology is becoming increasingly personalized, how can AI models maintain the genuine ‘voice’ of healthcare professionals, ensuring a balance between efficiency and authenticity in patient communication? How can the evolving technology, observed in the continuous improvement of models like GPT-3.5 to GPT-4.0, be harnessed to address the unique challenges and requirements in different healthcare sectors, particularly in specialties compared to primary care? Reflecting on the quick adoption of AI models like ChatGPT in healthcare, how can the industry ensure that these tools are being implemented responsibly, taking into account the limitations and the potential impact on patient care? With AI models offering potential solutions to physician burnout by reducing time spent on tasks like note writing, how can the healthcare sector reassess and redefine what is truly essential in clinical documentation?

Key Points:
- AI Implementation Pace
- Legislation of AI
- LLMs and Local Models
- Ethos of AI
- Obstacles with Generative AI

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