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Keynote: The Future of AI and its Role in Reducing Health Inequities with Ashish Atreja

Ashish Atreja - CIO, CDO at UC Davis Health, one of the key contributors at the heart of the current technological revolution in healthcare joins for this keynote episode. Learn about the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, and hear how technology can improve healthcare outcomes and streamline processes. How can we ensure that innovation doesn't magnify existing health inequities or create new ones? What makes VALID AI stand out and could it be a game-changer in addressing the lack of shared knowledge in the innovation sector? Is generative AI indeed a watershed moment in healthcare? They navigate these complex landscapes of technological upheavals, compliance issues, and intellectual property, and delve into the impact of technological growth on healthcare organizations, and their struggle to keep up. Explore the shift from a 'market plus first' approach to a problem-centered approach and the key problem areas where AI could be utilized for significant improvements.

Key Points:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Healthcare Innovation
- VALID AI Program
- Generative AI Impact
- Compliance Challenges
- Problem-centered Approach

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