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Keynote: The Changing Nature of Work

The nature of work is changing and hospital systems need to keep up. On this Keynote, CIOs Will Weider (formerly PeaceHealth), Reid Stephan (St.Luke’s), and Brad Reimer (Sanford Health) join in a discussion about the future of healthcare. Why does remote work have staying power? How do organizations address the challenge of perceived loss of productivity in remote work? How do organizations accommodate employees who cannot work from home? How do organizations approach onboarding new employees and integrating them into the culture? How are staffing shortages impacting the healthcare industry at a national and geographic level? What are the key challenges faced in hiring and retaining remote employees with the right skills and temperament? For major upgrades or implementations, is it effective for teams to continue operating in largely remote work environments, and what strategies have been employed to ensure successful implementation?

Key Points:
Staying power of remote work
Work environment and privacy
Balancing remote work autonomy and in-person interactions
Staffing shortages
Remote work environments for major implementations

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