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Keynote: The Challenges of Social Determinants, Technology, and Data Sharing in Varying Environments

Cletis Earle, CIO and SVP for Penn State Health. Lancaster and the surrounding Penn State Health system provides a myriad of challenges, from catering to the Amish and Mennonite populations to not being on Epic. How do you care for snowbird patients and securely share data with systems outside of your network? How can you continue to adapt and adopt new technologies while still assisting communities who abstain from modern technology? What does it look like to continuously pursue optimization from a clinical adoption perspective?

Key Points:
- Teaching Providers to actively pursue optimization
- Adopting new technologies versus catering to local communities and cultures
- HIE and OpenNotes
- Vendor tactics in 2023

We understand that staying ahead of the curve regarding Security Priorities can be challenging. Join us, April 6, 1:00pm, for this webinar to learn how CISOs in healthcare address Security Priorities for 2023 – insights that can help keep your healthcare organization safe and secure.

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