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Keynote: Scripps' Fiscal Prioritization: Aligning Tech Investments with Strategy with Shane Thielman

Shane Thielman shares his journey and experiences as the CIO of Scripps Health as well as all the initiatives Scripps is taking in this upcoming fiscal year.. What is the process of determining technology priorities and investments at Scripps Health for the upcoming fiscal year? How has the organization's approach to technology investments changed in recent years, and what is the focus for fiscal year 24? How does Scripps Health measure and demonstrate the value of its technology projects? What strategies does Scripps Health employ in managing change and driving adoption of new technology solutions? How does Scripps Health envision the future integration of technology into its care delivery model?

Key Points:
- Scripps Health overview
- Technology background and deficiency
- Fiscal year planning and priorities
- Measuring and demonstrating project value

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