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Keynote: Rural Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities

Darrell Bodnar, CIO of North Country Healthcare, Scott McEachern, CIO at Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, and Ryan Schoppe, with One Health explore how technology is reshaping patient and clinician experiences in rural settings. How are they tackling the unique obstacles presented by geography and resource limitations? What role does telehealth play in bridging the distance, and how is AI poised to revolutionize rural healthcare? The conversation also highlights the importance of community engagement in EHR implementation and the balance between maintaining legacy systems and embracing new technologies. These questions not only stimulate thought but also reflect the episode's core discussions on improving healthcare delivery in rural communities.

Key Points:
- North Country Healthcare:
- Southern Coos Hospital:
- One Health:
- Rural Healthcare Challenges
- Telehealth Implementation
- AI in Rural healthcare
- Small Team Management
- Cloud Security

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