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Keynote: Revolutionizing America's Healthcare System, One Zip Code at a Time

As a part of their mission to revolutionize America's healthcare system, Dr Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed and his brother Gordon Chen wrote the book The Calling: A Memoir of Family, Faith and the Future of Healthcare, to shine a light on how an expensive, uncoordinated, and confusing system works for itself at the expense of suffering patients. The Calling tells the story of how ChenMed, a physician-led, mission-driven company, is transforming care of patients from forgotten and underserved communities by taking a proactive and preventive approach to care.

Key Points:
Our initial goal wasn't to build a company that was going to change the world, but we realized there was a big problem in healthcare
ChenMed works because we focus on prevention rather than sick care
Healthcare can be good people being plugged into a bad system

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