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Keynote: Patient Data Security, Universal ID, & CIO Job Descriptions with Drex and Wes

Drex DeFord (Executive Healthcare Strategist for CrowdStrike) and Wes Wright. Delving into the challenging dynamics faced by IT leaders within the healthcare sector, they discuss navigating the constantly evolving landscape of technology and demonstrating a steadfast vision for the future, even in the face of resistance from various stakeholders. How can we enhance the Digital Front Door in a way that truly aids in patient experience? Do Patients truly know where their data is or if it is safe? What are the necessary traits for a successful CIO? How can CIOs ensure a synergistic relationship with their bosses, and why is this crucial for organizational success?

Key Points:
- Digital Front Door
- Patient Data Safety
- CIO characteristics
- CrowdStrike -

As healthcare technology professionals, we're in a seismic shift. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword—it's transforming our field and altering how we deliver healthcare. But with these technological advancements come complex challenges and unique opportunities. Are you ready to navigate this new landscape? Join us, September 7th, 1pm ET for an unmissable journey into the future of healthcare. Register Here -

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