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Keynote: Opening the Dialogue on Mental Health: Honesty, Empathy, and Community

Ed Kopetsky, recent retiree from Stanford Children’s Health shares his pursuits in retirement, the innovations that occurred when he held the position of CIO, and advice for other CIOs. How do we as leaders need to shift the conversation and open the dialogue around mental health? How can digital transformation improve productivity and take the administrative loads of staff, such as budgeting and recruitment, and the burden off the front line? How can health systems think about digitally engaging patients before they even enter the hospital, and what initiatives are in place for that? What are some of the digital tools implemented in the Acute care center for patients and their families?

Key Points:
- Opioid Task Force
- Mental Health in Healthcare
- Lean Processes
- Digital transformation
- Integration of biomed equipment
- Post-acute care continuum for children
- Stanford Children’s Health -

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