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Keynote: Navigating Workforce Shortages, AI, and Finances in Behavioral Health with Kevin Wiese

CIO for BestSelf Behavioral Health, Kevin Wiese joins Bill in talking about the dynamics, challenges, and distinctions of Behavioral Health Systems. How does the integration of behavioral health systems with conventional healthcare systems affect the quality and accessibility of care provided to the patients? In what ways does the incorporation of digital tools improve the patient and staff experience in the behavioral health sector? How does technology and AI play a role in retaining employees and professionals in the behavioral health industry? Given the rise of private practices, how can organizations like BestSelf maintain their workforce and ensure the availability of essential healthcare services? How does the integration of social determinants of health into behavioral healthcare impact patient outcomes?

Key Points:
- Lean Culture Implementation
- Handling Sensitive Cases
- Crisis Response Mechanisms
- Social Determinants Integration
- Data Collection & Reporting
- Artificial Intelligence Utilization

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