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Keynote: Navigating the Convergence of Health Tech and Creating Team Culture with Marty Paslick

Marty Paslick, Chief Information Officer at HCA Healthcare, delves deep into the communal and technological aspects of health IT. They discuss the transformation of IT from a support role to a central strategic partner in health care, as well as the potential pros and cons of this shift. From the deployment of other industries technologies to improve patient care to reducing nurses' administrative burdens Paslick offers enlightening insights. We also learn about their approach to maintaining culture in a large organization and employee engagement strategies. Finally, Bill and Marty also share their past work in programming and the passion they have for the field. Is the ever-evolving nature of technology a challenge or an opportunity for tomorrow's healthcare?

Key Points:
Global Tech Partnerships
Organizational Culture Maintenance
Employee Engagement Strategies
Future Healthcare Predictions
Relating and Bonding With Staff

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