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Keynote: Modernizing the Healthcare Data Strategy

Join Pete Marks (VP and CIO at WakeMed), Dale Sanders, and Rick Shepardson (Chief Strategy Officer at Clearsense, LLC) in this Webinar Re-release discussing Modern Data Strategies. Should data collection be optimized to focus on meaningful information rather than recreational data? How can we develop a culture where leadership craves and understands data? What role does data governance play in modern data strategies? How can healthcare organizations create a data-driven culture that improves patient care? Should the healthcare system be the primary locus of the personal health record, or is there a need for an external entity to collect and manage health data? How can organizations balance data availability with data validity and quality when granting end users access to data query tools? What is the role of terminologies and standards in enabling interoperability and data sharing in healthcare, and what challenges exist in this area?

Key Points:
- Optimizing data collection
- Data Governance and its challenges
- Data-driven culture in healthcare
- Personal health record
- Digital patient identity
- Terminology challenges
- Generative AI
- Self-service analytics

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