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Keynote: Leading the Charge with Technology Integration in Healthcare Systems with Donna Roach.

In this insightful episode Donna Roach, CIO at University of Utah Health, engages in a deep conversation about the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of innovative technology in healthcare settings. They delve into the intricacies of rolling out new systems to ambulatory doctors, the critical role of budgetary reviews, and the importance of demonstrating efficiency. Through anecdotes and practical examples, they explore the impact of technology on patient experiences and the evolving landscape of virtual care. Thought-provoking questions emerge, such as, "What technology will be indispensable in healthcare a decade from now?" and "What attributes contribute to the success of healthcare leaders in navigating complex technological transitions?" Join the discussion as they unpack the future of healthcare technology and the imperative for collaborative problem-solving.

Key Points:
- Donna Roach -
- University of Utah Health -
- Technology Implementation Challenges
- Budgeting and Innovation
- Essential CIO Attributes
- Changing Role of the CIO
- Prioritizing Indispensable Technology

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