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CIO Daniel Nigrin shares some of the challenges, innovations, and experiences of MaineHealth. What are some of the challenges that Maine Health is facing financially, and how is it affecting patients? How is Maine Health utilizing telehealth to address its challenges? What are some priorities for 2023 and 2024 for Maine Health? How has Chime changed since it was founded, and what is its mission and vision now? In what ways has the VIVE conference evolved and improved since its first year, and what changes were made to enhance the attendee experience? What role does networking and idea-sharing play in Chime's mission, and how has this aspect of the organization evolved over time? How has the growth of healthcare and digitalization impacted the importance of Chime and its role within the industry?

Key Points:
- Chime's mission and vision
- Evolution of the VIVE conference
- Financial challenges facing Maine Health
- Maine Health's utilization of telehealth
- Priorities for Maine Health in 2023-2024
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